Current Events

October 2018 Insider’s Report

This is the third part of our series or a five-part series of what is going on in the world basically. So we’re not going to be too long. There’s tons and tons to go through, but we’re not going to go incredibly long today. I’m trying to keep some of these insider’s updates a…

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September 2018 Insiders Report: The Everything Bubble

We have the next update for you in our five-part series going to the end of the year leading into the new year and it is our Insider’s Report. It is THE EVERYTHING BUBBLE. The Insider’s Report is something that we do and it’s really macroeconomic. It’s a global economy look, what’s going on in…

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The Last Remnants of Privacy Slowly Dwindling

PRIVACY. Privacy is something that is a big hot topic, has been for the last few years. It’s going to continue to be, going to be more and more and more every day that goes by from here to the rest of the time. It’s something that this country has fought about. It’s somewhat the…

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